Sunday, October 3, 2010

Street Poster Art - Free Flowing Graffiti on Paper

Street Poster Art - The Concept
Poster Art secures an important position in the world of Street Art. It is actually Graffiti done on paper. While most of these posters are 100% handmade, some are digital designs as well. Moreover, being a basic art form this genre stayed in the local street corners and roads rather than sitting pretty inside a gala museum or gallery. While experts often debate about the contemporary side of such works, many artists find it the most 'modernist' of styles with free expression.

The History
During the 1870s decade, the streets of fashion city Paris were literally transformed into the graffiti artists' paradise. Rich street artworks graced the region. The wave also welcomed the initial paper form of advertising as Street Poster Art. Even other cities, like Milan (Italy) and Berlin (Germany) appreciated the Post-Graffiti styles and encouraged street artists.

The Details
Street posters are displayed on slick or smooth surfaces, mostly walls, by sticking them with the help of wheat paste or gum. The art pieces belonging to Post-Graffiti or Contemporary Post-Graffiti genre admirably have a higher distinctive status than the 'rude' Graffiti or Vandalism. This global art style is especially popular in the urban and the suburban regions of the Eastern and Western countries. Interesting and unique Street Poster Art has found fame among some of the greatest artists.

The Correlations
Street Poster Art does connect with Graffiti and the other forms, like Wheat Pasting, Stencil Graffiti, and Sticker Art. This Post Graffiti Art form has a distinguished contemporary style, different from the local Graffiti or Vandalism.

The Artists and the Artworks
Street artists have shown a cheap and affordable way to produce and display artworks meant to connect primarily with the common public. Exhibition 'Street Art' held in 'Washington Project for the Arts' (1981) displayed work by renowned American artists, such as John Fekner (born 1940) and Lee Quinones (born 1960). Even the art exhibition held at the prestigious Tate Modern Hall in England clearly indicates that the artworks found on the street are not necessarily graffiti.

Interesting and unique Street Poster Art has found fame among some of the greatest artists. Distinctly accomplished Italian poster masterpieces can be witnessed in many prestigious museums and galleries like the International Poster Gallery in Boston, USA.

Most famous in the US, Street Poster Art has also gained sufficient momentum in Australia and Japan. France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Brunei, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and Iran too are the lead contributors to the genre.

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