Monday, November 16, 2009


Here's an interview by Galerie d'art Yves Laroche with Omen, of Taichung Four Crew. Omen is currently painting in Montreal.

YL :You've lived in Asia for  a minute, right? Tell me about painting nights there.

O : It was awesome! I lived in Taichung,Taiwan. I lived there for 4 years. I can bust Chinese and everything. When I got there there was only about 12 graffiti writers in the whole country! With a population of around 25 million  you can see how that is just crazy. I was bombing around town with this paint called PP SPRAY ( all the pressure and twice the lead.haha.) with stock caps no less. And I saw some other guys were bombing as well. Mostly 3 other guys but I had no way of meeting them. So one day I was walking by my piece and underneath it was sprayed "omen. do you want to paint with me" and 2 check boxes with "yes" and  "no". later that night I checked "yes" and then went to another spot and dropped a piece with my email address. But before they could reply to that message my friend Jessica told me she ran into them (it was two guys SAME and BOBO) and they were coming to the restaurant I was eating at. It was pretty awkward because my chinese at this point sucked and all we were doing was meeting to paint. After that we did the first production in Taichung the largest piece in all of Taiwan and went bombing pretty much all the time together. I miss them. It's not the same as here. There you have freedom at the price of no laws while here it is the opposite. One day. One day. Now there is at least 30 writers there , ha, and I keep track of what is going on there via flickr.

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